Elderly Home Care – How to Make a Home Safe For Seniors

By Elizabeth Dennis

Elder CareAs our parents age it is a great idea to take a look at their surroundings with a different set of eyes. Is their home safe for them? Is it getting increasingly difficult for them to perform everyday tasks? There are many features of a home that can make it difficult for the elderly to manage. Simply take a look at the multitude of products on the market to assist in the modification of a home – you will be amazed at all of the problem areas that need to be addressed.

Let’s take a look at some of the improvements that can make your aging parent’s environment more accessible and safe. This list will provide a good starting point.


  • Put everyday items in the cupboards that are the easiest to reach
  • Replace knobs on faucets and cabinets with handles or bars
  • Clearly label all stove and oven dials with stickers or brightly colored markers
  • Install slide-out bins in lower cabinets
  • Elevate the dishwasher or invest in dishwasher drawers
  • Replace glass cups and plates with plastic


  • Raise toilet seat or purchase a chair-height toilet
  • Install handrails near toilet and in bath or shower
  • Use a hand-held shower head and store it low
  • Install a secure seat in bathtub or shower
  • Place non-slip decals or mat in the tub or shower
  • Replace knobs on faucets and drawers with handles or bars


  • Re-locate bedroom to first floor
  • Clear off a solid chair or bench to make dressing easier
  • Hang a shoe rack in the closet
  • Move everyday items to the top drawers in dressers

All Areas of the Home

  • Replace all light bulbs with brighter ones
  • Position electrical cords and computer cables under furniture and against walls
  • Make sure all windows can be opened easily
  • Replace small appliances with those that have an automatic shut-off feature
  • Remove furniture that is low to the ground making it hard to get out of
  • Remove tables with sharp corners from high-traffic areas
  • Make sure entrances to homes are brightly lit and stairs and porches have handrails
  • Lock or replace casters on any chairs or furniture
  • Set up lamps so they can be turned on and off from a light switch
  • Place reflective tape on stairs
  • Remove area rugs to prevent tripping and obstacles for walkers
  • Replace stairs with ramps
  • Use nightlights in every room including halls
  • Replace door knobs with handles
  • Make sure there are temperature controls on the hot water heater
  • Install handrails in hallways and near steps
  • Widen doors for walkers or wheelchairs
  • Stick reflective decals on sliding glass doors
  • Remove locks on all interior doors in case of an emergency

Many of the items listed are quick fixes while others may require a bit more effort to implement. The goal is to make moving around the home and performing everyday task as easy and as safe as possible for your aging parents.

Elizabeth Dennis writes for a variety of health, beauty, and fitness topics. She regularly contributes to the think change and hair removal surgery guides.

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