Is Live-In Home Care the Answer for You?

There are certain signs that make you think about where you want to live for the rest of your life and what kind of help you will need to live it. Thinking about such things is definitely not an easy task as it brings to mind questions about one’s mortality. If you are faced with a situation when your children and relatives are hounding you about getting help, it is time for you to really think about what YOU want.

Have you stopped driving? Are simple tasks which you never thought about when you wee younger becoming a problem for you? If you find yourself taking showers less frequently because you are afraid that you will fall or if you have stopped going to the club which used to be your regular hang- out zone just because you find it difficult to go there, it is time to give your age a serious thought. Losing confidence in one’s abilities is not pretty, and it is important that you understand and reconcile to the fact that you may need support. Of course, you could go and spend the rest of your life at a residential facility for elderly people. But these days there are lots of senior people who choose to live at home and hire live- in caregivers to take care of them.

Choosing to stay at home is definitely not as easy decision. There are many considerations to think of, not least of all which is that home care givers are not exactly cheap to come by and may even cost up to $27. You need to understand that if a residential facility for the elderly is not your cup of tea, home care is what you have to opt for. Why? Well, here are the risks elderly people face if they stay alone at home.

  1. Injury: This is extremely common as senior people are prone to fall while showering or going around the house.
  2. Social isolation: Most senior people stop socializing and the regular places they used to visit when they were younger are given the sore look. Sometimes it even becomes difficult to talk to the neighbor who lives across the yard as it seems that everyone other than you is busy with their lives. Slowly, social isolation grips.
  3. Poor living conditions: This happens because senior people find it almost impossible to keep up with house- cleaning activities.
  4. Poor nutrition: This happens when senior people cannot cook regular meals. Some even can’t read expiration labels on food products and end up eating stale food.
  5. Poor hygiene: This is something a majority of senior people face as taking showers everyday becomes a monumental task.

There are other reasons why living alone is a risk for the elderly. Opting for live- in home caregivers is a great idea. Not only will it let you live in your own house, it will also give you the independence you desire so much.

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