Home Health Care: Principles and Practices

Interested in learning more about Home Health Care? Take a look at this book available at Amazon.

Twenty-nine practitioners combine their expertise to bring clarity to an issue that is at the forefront of discussion – home health care.The field is emerging and is growing faster than most professionals and their patients can keep up with. Here is a text in which the authors make every effort to provide readers with the latest thinking and technology that can better the home health care field. Spiralling costs have forced all aspects of illnesses to be closely scrutinized for possible home care applications and financial savings.The industry is growing rapidly, fueled by increasing service and constant technological breakthroughs, but the overriding philosophy must be focused on cost containment with maintenance of high quality care. This book is directed at providing highly practical, up-to-date information that health care professionals can use in their daily practices.

Check out the first few chapters from the Google library. If nothing else, take a look the preface, which is very enlightening.

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