Seniors Are Often the Target of Online Scams

Senior Computer UserSenior citizens are often the targets of various scams and attempts to defraud them online. One reason that seniors are often easily defrauded is because many of them are not necessarily familiar with a lot of the latest modern technology. Remember that when many senior citizens were born, cars and telephones were rare, and the internet did not exist. Television sets were black and white. Because so many seniors are not familiar with the modern technological world and some its dangers, it is up to the more knowledgeable adults and friends of seniors to make sure these people are protected against scams and scam artists.

In contrast to senior citizens, today most people who are in their teen or adult years are very technologically savvy. They are familiar with electronic media and they are often very able to easily spot a scam from the beginning. If you are a senior and you have recently received some offer that appears to be very enticing, don’t just fall for it right away. Don’t send off your personal information or credit card number. Instead, ask someone else to have a look at it for you. For example, you may know some young person such as a neighbor, nephew or granddaughter who is knowledgeable about scams using modern technology. Ask a trusted person to take a look at the offer before you do anything about it.

In many places there is help available so that senior citizens can learn more about how to protect themselves against frauds and scams that target the elderly. You can start by searching on line for information on how you can protect yourself and avoid getting scammed or having your identity stolen. There are also groups who operate in your neighborhood who may have courses to teach you to be more savvy and avoid ripoffs.

If you do happen to come across an offer or an email that just doesn’t seem right to you, remember that your first instinct is probably correct. You are right to have some suspicions. Learn how to avoid online and offline scams and protect yourself. Be sure you are not giving away your money or your information to someone who is out to defraud you. Stay safe.

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