Home Care for Seniors Can Be Better than Living in Assisted Facilities

Is a nursing home or in-home care better?As people get older it can sometimes become difficult for them to perform many of the daily tasks they used to do. Older adults have a higher risk for injury in the home than any other age group. Often, these adults are placed into living facilities designed to provide assistance when they need it. An alternative to choosing an assisted living facility is to use a home care service. There are several reasons why an in-home caregiver is better than an assisted living facility.

The Top Five Reasons why Home Care is Better than Assisted Living

Reason #1: The cost involved in hiring a caregiver vs relocating to a new dwelling.The units designed to provide care to their residents on a twenty-four hour basis are not rented for the same price as other apartments. These units charge anywhere from three thousand to seven thousand dollars a month depending on where they are located and what amenities are included. Home care can be scheduled around the needs of the individual, which greatly reduces the amount of money spent each month.

Reason #2: It is better to keep someone at home because they retain their sense of independence. People who feel they still have control over their surroundings are less likely to become depressed. Seniors who give up their homes often suffer from depression.

Reason #3: When people are in their own homes they can choose to invite friends over or socialize with family members without having restrictions. Assisted units have regulations their residents must adhere to when they move in, which can include the times they are allowed to entertain guests.

Reason #4: People who receive in-home care get personalized service. The type of care hired for in-home is often a nurse or nurse’s aid. This individual is hired to be there on a scheduled basis, which makes it easier for the senior they are providing care for to get to know them. Seniors are more responsive to people they know and feel comfortable with. The person providing the care also gets to know the adult on a one-to-one basis and can pick up on clues which can indicate something might be wrong.

Reason #5: Community involvement. Most older adults have set routines and know the people at their grocery store, bank and church. When they can remain in their own home, they are more likely to remain active in their community. An alert and active senior citizen is less likely to become ill than one who is not.

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