Everyday Tasks Can Pose a Challenge to Senior Citizens

Imagine the things that you do every day as a part of your normal routine. Getting dressed, showering, fixing meals and running errands – all of these are a part of your daily routine. But all of these can pose a very real challenge for the elderly. In virtually every area of day-to-day habits, senior citizens face dealing with difficulties.

Senior Live In Care

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A Day in Life of a Senior Citizen

Simply getting out of bed can be a challenge for the elderly. While most of us wake up refreshed and rested, ready to get up and face our day, seniors often awaken to stiff limbs and achy joints. Walking to the bathroom is a slow and often painful process.

Bathing poses special problems for seniors. The hazards of the bathroom are well documented. Stepping into and out of a wet tub remains the number one cause of injury from falls for senior citizens. This is one area where seniors often require the most help, but are the least likely to ask for it.

Anyone who has no trouble buttoning a blouse probably takes for granted how simple the task is for them.  For the elderly, buttons can be a huge frustration and a barrier to independence. Elderly women also struggle with bra clasps and zippers.  Even something as simple as tying a shoe can be a challenge for a senior citizen.

Mobility can be a concern for many elderly people, as walking up or down stairs can often be difficult. Senior citizens often suffer from a weakened grip due to arthritis or hand pain, and can have trouble with door handles and locks. Navigating between furniture when using a cane or a walker can also be frustrating and dangerous.

Cooking meals, washing laundry and normal household chores are far more difficult for the elderly. We often take for granted the simple act of taking the lid off a jar or lifting a heavy pan to the stove. For a senior, these can be daunting tasks that cause frustration and sometimes pain.  The dangers faced by a senior in the kitchen are second only to those in the bathroom.

Seniors face these challenges in their lives every single day. One of the biggest obstacles that a family can face when wanting to help a senior is the resistance they often have to asking for help. By being aware of these issues and helping find solutions to them, you can help your elderly family member live a safer, more independent lifestyle.

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