Friendship Benefits Seniors in Every Way

Seniors Need FriendsTime spent with friends is never wasted. The companionship of friends is important to anyone at any age. The support and fun to be had from friendship is especially beneficial for senior citizens, but far too often, they are least likely to have these relationships. Seniors are often at risk of isolation. Finding common ground and shared interests is one of the best ways for the elderly to enjoy time with their friends.

Seniors can enjoy time with friends when they share an activity that both enjoy. Games such as cards, board games or even jigsaw puzzles are the perfect opportunity for chatting between turns and enjoying the company. Games for two or four can be fun and help challenge the elderly mind.

Taking classes together can also provide a way for seniors to enjoy time with friends. Many senior centers offer free or low cost painting or drawing classes, cooking classes and even dance classes. The opportunity to learn a new skill and spend time with peers is invaluable to senior citizens.

Seniors might find themselves with idle time on their hands; a wonderful way for them to get involved is by volunteering their time to help others. Becoming a pseudo-grandparent at schools and afterschool programs is a fulfilling way for seniors to spend an afternoon. In these programs children can benefit from seniors spending time reading to kids, helping with homework or mentoring young children who need a positive influence. Bridging the gap between generations will benefit both, and offer wonderful opportunities for all.

The elderly are often at risk of spending far too much time sedentary. Finding an exercise buddy can be a great benefit to both, as we all know that working out with a buddy makes it more fun and easier. Now that Medicare covers the cost of gym membership, seniors can encourage each other to spend time in the gym, or simply walking the track together and chatting. Any time spent moving, and with friends, is doubly valuable.

Seniors, more than any other age group, are most at risk of becoming withdrawn and isolated.  The simple of act of spending just a few hours with friends can do wonders to improve their overall attitude, and mental and physical health. By finding ways to enjoy the company of others, senior citizens will live a happier and healthier life. Friends really can make the golden years shine.

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