Coping with Everyday Challenges

The older we get, the more difficult everyday tasks become. Reading, participating in conversations, cleaning and running errands can become monumental tasks as vision, hearing, and physical abilities begin to diminish. Fortunately, there are solutions to everyday senior dilemmas, from specialized readers to home care providers. Once you have a plan in place, your quality of life will be enhanced.

seniorsSolutions for Everyday Problems Faced By Senior Citizens

  1. Diminishing Vision. As vision begins to decrease, so can the quality of life if seniors don’t begin to seek solutions quickly. Having trouble reading or doing crossword puzzles is an obvious side effect, but there are other consequences of poor vision. Cleaning the house adequately, the ability to follow recipes, and legible hand writing, can all begin to suffer when vision loss has progressed. Solutions include:
    • Low vision readers – Reading and crossword puzzles are important for boosting the brain and keeping seniors participating in activities they enjoy. A low vision reader can be used for reading and writing.
    • Audio Books. Most libraries have a large supply of free audio books that allow seniors to listen to their favorite books, even if they can’t read them anymore.
    • Hire an Hourly Caregiver. In order to make sure the house is kept clean, consider hiring a house keeper or home care provider. They can also help with other visual tasks such as sorting mail, organizing bills, and writing grocery/errand lists.
  2. Hearing Loss. Hearing loss can be very isolating. Not being able to follow conversations is frustrating and takes the fun out of social engagements. It can also prohibit you from hearing important instructions from a doctor or pharmacist. As it progresses, hearing loss may prevent walkers from hearing oncoming cars or motorcycles, which can be dangerous. Solutions include:
    • Wireless Headphones. Is your spouse irritated with the loud TV volume? Are you getting complaints from your neighbors? Wireless headphones are a perfect solution because you control the volume in your headset without having to raise the volume on the TV.
    • Hearing Aids. Modern hearing aids are leagues apart from the clunky versions of yore. Nowadays, seniors can enjoy nearly invisible hearing aids that block out background noise and will allow you to participate in social activities without the feeling of being left out.
  3. Physical Limitations. Whether you are suffering from arthritis, or are simply beginning to tire out more than usual, physical limitations can be incredibly frustrating, especially when combined with hearing and/or vision loss. Simple tasks like reaching into the farthest corners of kitchen cabinets, or looking under the couch for something that fell, can be impossible. You may also find that normal errands such as grocery shopping completely wipe you out. Solutions?
    • Stylish Walker. Get yourself a stylish new walker, complete with seat and basket. If you get tired while walking, you can sit down and rest. If you need a little assistance getting up, you can use the walker as support to pull yourself up.
    • Home Care Providers. Hire a home care provider and let someone else do the physical work for you. If you want to stay in your home, but find day-to-day tasks are overwhelming, a home care companion can be the perfect solution. You can hire them for a few hours here and there or for multiple days at a time. In addition to running errands and light house keeping, s/he can also make sure you have home cooked meals and are driven to and from your favorite activities.

Growing old gracefully is much easier with a little help. Looking for a solution for yourself or a senior loved one? Contact HomeAide Home Care, Inc. We’re happy to provide assistance.

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