Our Live In Caregiver Program Provides Round the Clock Care

HomeAide Home Care’s live in caregiver service is a great option for those who wish to stay in the comfort of their home and still have the assurance their needs will be taken care of 24-hours a day. Our live in caregiver program provides one primary aide that typically stays with a client between four and five days a week. A secondary caregiver will work the remaining days in relief of the primary caregiver.

A live in caregiver will provide all the same duties that our hourly rate aides do (bathing, dressing, meal prep, etc.) but will also sleep at the client’s home to provide support around the clock. Live In Care is perfect for clients that are able to sleep throughout the night yet still would like someone at their home for safety and health care supervision.

A Live In Caregiver Offers More Independence in the Home

It is our opinion that 24-hour at home care  promotes independence and a higher quality of life for our clients. We feel that  live in care is the better option when considering placement in nursing facilities and assisted living homes. We take great pride in saying that live in care is our specialty and feel it’s one of the best services we provide to our clients.

Live In Caregiver

Schedule a Meeting at Your Convenience to See if a Live In Caregiver Can Help Your Family

If you feel that a live in caregiver is right for you or your loved one contact us and we would be happy to sit down and discuss your options.