Communicating Effectively with Your Home Caregiver

A professional home caregiver can be a saving grace for many families with an elderly resident. However, the road is not always easy and finding a balance that suits your loved one’s needs is sometimes an ongoing process. Professional home caregivers are well trained in various skills and accommodations that should help make the process a little easier. However, the key to making this process as smooth as possible is good communication.

Home Organization

In order to make your caregiver’s work as efficient as possible, always be sure that you have the items needed for your loved one’s ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living) fully stocked and easily accessible. This includes having clean sheets, towels and washcloths available, as well as their toiletries. Ask your home caregiver to please let you know if she is running low on any necessary supplies so that you can stay on top of the necessities.

Documentation and Paperwork

Leave a list of emergency numbers for your caregiver, including your loved one’s physician, and any other family numbers that would be necessary in case of an emergency. Also make sure your caregiver has a copy of the written care plan and medication schedule. Show the home caregiver where everything is so that there is no question that the medications will be given on time and as directed.


Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

Caregivers are only as good as the directions they are given. If something is not being performed to your expectations, let them know right away and they will be happy to accommodate if it is within their allowed job duties to do so. It’s also important to let your caregiver know about any changes in your loved one’s health or demeanor. Your home caregiver needs to be appraised of any condition changes, good or bad, in order to remain on top of the situation.

Good communication with your caregiver can only lead to a better experience all around. Your loved one will receive better care. You will have the peace of mind that your loved one is being well cared for. In addition, your home caregiver will enjoy their work and be able to better care for the patient.

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