How A Private Caregiver Can Assist In A Facility

how a private caregiver can assist in a facility

Is your loved one moving into an assisted care community or nursing home? Don’t rule out the idea of hiring a private caregiver to help him or her get the personalized care and extra special attention. Private caregivers are not exclusive to those who age in place. There are a myriad of roles a caregiver can play once your senior loved one is living in a residential facility.

Roles a Private Caregiver Plays in Assisted Living and Retirement Facilities

The following are some of the ways hiring a private caregiver can enhance the quality of care elders receive, even after they move to an assisted living community or retirement home.


Moving to a new home can be intimidating, especially for seniors who have dementia or Alzheimer’s. Hiring a caregiver can ensure they have regular companionship as they acclimate to their new environment. Studies show that seniors who live alone, or who withdraw from social activities, are more prone to depression. By hiring a caregiver to play the role of companion, your loved one will not feel so alone. The caregiver will ensure the senior is visited on a regularly scheduled basis. She can provide transportation to and from favorite events or social outings. The companionship of a caregiver can have a tremendous impact on a senior’s ability to settle in, feel safe and have a more positive overall outlook in his or her environment.

Liaison for family

Do you live too far away to check in on your senior loved on on a regular basis? Hiring a private caregiver can ensure you have a liaison of sorts for the family. In addition to providing companionship and assistance to your loved one, the caregiver can also provide regular reports on how the senior is doing. Caregivers can accompany seniors on their doctor’s visits  to serve as a representative for the family, as well as another set of eyes and ears for their senior client. This can help families stay more in touch with a senior’s medical status and overall well-being.

Protection from elder abuse

Unfortunately, elder abuse is all too common of a reality. Often, the perpetrators of these crimes are very savvy. In many cases, an abuser will observe potential victims for a while, knowing that those who have involved family or a caregiver make much more “risky” victims than those who don’t. Thus, a caregiver who is visiting on a regular basis can keep a closer eye on the senior’s physical and emotional well-being. Caregivers are trained to notice any signs of elder abuse from facility staff so the family can be alerted and action can be taken.

The little extras

Even the most caring and attentive assisted living and nursing home staff do not have the time to do all the little extras. Was your mother always impeccably dressed and accessorized? Was your grandfather’s hair meticulously coifed? Maybe your senior loved one always had fresh flowers in the home or enjoyed a particular type of music. A private caregiver can help to provide those special touches that help to maintain and respect the individual traits that make seniors who they are. This goes a long way towards preserving your loved one’s dignity.

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